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What is Chat n Chew?  It is essentially a 2-session "book club" for 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders and 1-session for 2nd Grade.  Students sign up and read the book and then meet during their lunch time to discuss the book with an adult volunteer.  The book can either be purchased through the PTO or borrowed from a library.


Do I have to read the book if I volunteer to lead a group?  Yes, it is preferred.  However, questions for discussion are given to you prior to the day so you only have to guide the group.  The kids will take your lead and the discussion usually runs smoothly.


Do I have to to do anything to prepare for leading a group?  Reading the book is how you will prepare.  Mrs Bettis and the Chat n Chew Chair will do all of the planning, organizing and book orders.  You just have to read the book and be ready for a fun discussion! 


Will my child be in my group?  Of course!  We don't expect you to volunteer and then not spend the time with your child.  You will have a group of 8-15 students (depending on the number of adult volunteers for the session).


Any other questions?